Hey guys, I want to thank everyone who read my first post, thanks for all the comments, they were really encouraging, and the views were more than what I was anticipating, thank you so much 🙂 Love you all xx. I learnt something new and it made a whole lot of sense, it was just really amazing and I really hope this would help someone like it helped me. This is pretty long so I’d advise you to read at your convenience.
I know I’m not alone on this one because I’ve had conversations with a few people about this issue and it made me feel better because I was certain I wasn’t the only one going through it. Well I’ve noticed that most people have come to accept the terms consciously or unconsciously that once you do anything that displeases God, you automatically become someone He doesn’t want to hear from. Some of us might even feel He hates us because of what we’ve done even after asking for forgiveness and you feel it’s not enough so you constantly feel guilty. Well I might not fully understand who God is but I know what He isn’t, He’s not Hate. God is love and the only thing He hates is sin, not humans! I read a post that said ‘’you’re not too good of a sinner to out sin God’s Love’’. Well it’s rather unfortunate that the devil knows this and he constantly creeps in, reminding us of all the wrong we’ve done and we begin to agree with him in our heart, why else does the bible call him the accuser of the brethren?. Well my point is that we shouldn’t let the devil tell us who’re not. Don’t listen to him when he comes up reminding you of the wrongs you’ve don’t right before you’re about to pray or worship in church or anywhere else. If you have sincerely asked God for forgiveness then you should just go ahead with what you want to do. Doesn’t really matter how you feel at the moment, its okay to feel bad because it shows your conscience is still intact. Just be sure to never let those feelings overwhelm you. Your part is to say I’m sorry father, I know I messed up, thereafter BELIEVE He’s forgiven you, don’t just sit there and wallow in self-pity. Well we can never fully understand why God loves us so much. Yeah I know it amazes me too. When I do something really stupid and just think to myself oh damn, I messed up and guilt will not even allow me to ask for forgiveness and when I’m in church I feel like a hypocrite. But the scales fell off when I listened to a message about the love God has for us. See God loves you so much it’s unexplainable. It doesn’t really matter how far you’ve gone or how deep you think you’re in, it’s never too late with God. A lot of us have become so sin conscious that all you think about is ‘’not sinning’’, whatever happened to loving God for who is? Well I know we ought to hate sin but then if you do not realize the Love God has for you, it’ll be difficult not to do those things which you ought not to do. When you love someone, you’d never want to hurt their feelings, when you love God you’d never want to hurt His feelings by doing those things which would hurt Him. You know the feeling you get when someone tells you this girl/guy has a crush on you and gradually you begin to notice them and you find yourself looking out for them, dress prettier and wear a little more makeup, making sure you look good, smell good and all of that. Don’t you feel a little disappointed when they’re not in school that day or you don’t see them in around? (Don’t worry I’m getting somewhere with this) and you suddenly realize you like this person too, well not in all cases if you know what I mean lol. Well just maybe if we paid just a little more attention to the love God has for us starting from the ‘little’ things which are not so little, like the air we breathe, the food we eat. Why He made you so good looking and you look at your reflection in the mirror and be like man! I look so fine today. Hey! I’m not saying you should be self obsessed but appreciate your looks, appreciate the things He does for you on a daily basis, imagine your nose was bigger than it actually is, would you be happy? Lol. When you look at the goodness of God, wouldn’t you want to know more about this God who the earth is His footstool lol let me digress a little? You guys know how big the earth is right? And then how small a stool is, if the earth that we think is so mighty is God’s footstool, then how big are the legs of God? Then how big is God himself? (Think about that for a second). Falling in love with God is not something that would happen overnight. You have to spend time with Him, I have to be honest with y’alI, I find it really hard just picking up my bible to study, so I recently started listening to the word instead, err you still have to open your bible in the end too but I think it helps and using a devotional also helps. Remember you can never love a person you don’t know…God said he loved us first and the only way to love God back is to get to know Him, have a relationship with Him first. Stop trying to have a boyfriend or girlfriend when you don’t have a relationship with God. It’s gonna crash tbh, not trying to be a pessimist, aka bad belle lol but we all know it’s true. Be right with God first, believe in His son Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the cross of Calvary to bring us back to God which is far greater than what Adam and Eve did in the garden of Eden making us all born sinners. So when you fall, don’t just let it slide, let go of your pride and ego and go ask God for forgiveness and believe you’ve been forgiven. Stay fighting the good fight of faith.

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  1. jemeelah says:

    Wow…..neva knew yu were into dis,,yu have 2do dis more often……I’m sincerely inspired

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    1. thank you love, I’m humbled xx


  2. marcelle says:

    Nice one dear!!!

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  3. kennedy says:

    once again… an awesome.. inspiring and true writeup… i love this over nd over.. keep writing bae!!.. #lovely!

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  4. kennedy says:

    plus its also a lil funny

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  5. Pillot says:


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  6. Opy says:

    Wow! Unbelievable… Men…this is so gr8….so right on point…go sis!…LoL! 😀


    1. thank you love, it’s God 🙂


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