love-godLove is not a bad thing, love can never be and it will never be. Love is not feelings, love is not lust, and most importantly, love is not the chills you get when you hold the hands someone you think you like or love. Let me tell you what love is, Love is you! Yes you. I am love, you are love. I’m going to explain this in a minute.
When I hear people say that the most important thing that happened to them was their wife or husband or girlfriend or boyfriend or mother or somebody, it makes me wonder. Not only that, it makes me think deep. For an individual to make such an intense statement it simply means that the person in question must be really too important to be lost. About a year ago, I was at a family friend’s wedding anniversary and when the father/husband was giving his toast, he made the same statement about how his wife is the best thing that’s happened to him and I was thinking to myself ‘’does he really mean this or he’s just saying it because it’s the right thing to say’’. But then he brought out an old photograph of when he was first introduced to her. I’m not even sure his wife knew he still had that photograph, the crowd was astonished, I was touched and that act answered every question I had in mind.
Many years ago something terrible happened, man fell. And many years ago something extraordinarily remarkable happened, He gave his son. Yeah I’m talking about Jesus. Sometimes I think to myself and wonder how God did it, the only explanation any preacher or bible message could possibly give is love. We all know the reason why God sent His son to die for us but how He did it is a different question altogether, how was He able to deal with it knowing fully well of what his Son was going to go through. The pain, the suffering? What other explanation could anyone possibly give other than the love he has for me and you?
The problem some of us have is that we’ve never really sat down to think and understand, if God did all that just because of you and I, there must be something really special about us, we automatically became the object of His love. You really do not need any human being to tell you how special you are before you know it, someone suffered and died because of the love He has for you, how can you not feel like you’re love itself?
The kind of love you did not ask for or beg for, the kind of love you did not have to worry about being in love first ‘’we love Him because He first loved us’’ (1st John 4:19). The kind of love that gives hope for eternal life, that’s the kind of our God has poured upon us. You may not have it all, you may even feel like nobody cares but always remember that the best thing that could ever happen to anyone has happened to you. God’s love is too real, I have seen and felt His love over and over again in many ways I cannot explain. To everyone reading this, from the deepest part of my heart and with all sincerity, I want to tell you that God loves you very much, don’t go looking for love in the wrong places because you are love itself. If God is love and you’re a child of God who can say otherwise?
In this Joyful season of Love, why don’t you show a bit of what you’re made of to everyone you know in your own little way, let the people around you know what if feels like to be loved. Even when you know someone doesn’t like you, show them love anyways. Don’t let the devil get the best of you, Get the best of the devil by showing love.

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  1. deoluwrites says:

    Nice piece Fisayo.

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  2. deoluwrites says:

    Nice piece Fisayo, and more grace!

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  3. Akin Pillot says:

    God is LOVE!!!!! Nice piece………..

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  4. Joyce says:

    Awww… Thumbs up hunnie ❤


  5. am proud of you dear

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  6. no truer words have ever bin spoken……

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  7. amadi mercy says:

    Dats awesome… i learnt alot. thank you sooo much great woman of valor..

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  8. Akinbami Ebenezer Ben says:

    Its really touching……. I must confess u’ve spoken to someone that need this piece at the right time… more grace

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  9. kafidipe abiola says:

    Beautiful fisayo. I was soooo blessed.more grace nd wisdom in jesus name

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