Why I’m Grateful – Abraham Durojaiye #wig  #wigseries 

Why I’m grateful ?
2016 will definitely be a memorable year for me… 

Midway through the year, April 29 precisely, after church service as we were still church chilling before we actually drove home, some young boys ran to my church to tell us our family house was on fire.

I got to my area to meet a couple of houses on fire cos PHCN decided to supply extremely high current this very day after 2 months of not having power supply. Neighbors and church members helped in putting the fire out. Trust me, it was an experience! The whole house didn’t burn completely cos I feel God was just wonderful enough to help us control the fire. God has been faithful that we were able to renovate the house to the extent it has gotten to at the moment despite the ‘recession’ period the Nation is presently dwindling in.
Also, I concluded my youth service this year with no accidents or National kwanta lol
If I’m not grateful, who will? 🙏

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