Why I’m Grateful – Emeka Okorie #wigseries #wig

So I realized I have really just been living passing years watching it drift pass me sometimes slow sometimes fast, but mostly I’ve just been suppressing feelings I have projected from infinitely talking to myself. 

Obviously you must have heard no man is an island. Contrary to most belief. I’ve lived this life still  not for from abolishing it, it’s quiet peaceful and far from what you’ll actually think it’s not. 

    I’d blame my childhood but not blame anybody. Growing up in Nigeria without any far fetched statistics you should know parents try as much as possible to raise their kids right, and my saying right I mean every single way you can think of doing something right, except the few that fallow in something else. 

   On that note I’m not just writing a long paragraph to summarize my life, but to really state what I’m actually grateful for. 

Ive lived half my life being  mostly alone, even when surrounded by people, sometimes I still find it hard to vibe on the same mental note as peers, I wouldn’t regard it to intelligence or being different, it just don’t work out. 

Everything In life has advantages and disadvantages, or let me just say balance, I believe everybody has to find balance, example, for the good out there, there’s also bad somewhere, when things happen you try to figure out the reasons, get the lessons and know truth. 

 Growing up in Nigeria, you are formed, moulded and brought up in a lie, that’s if you go through the first set of education, you are meant to believe a lie, but that’s story for another day. Before I derail, you ought to know I have siblings and I’m close to them like every other person out there should be but I just spend time with myself mostly, I figured I could write poems, write songs, not your average “roses are red blah blah” it’s actually deep and most times  I put meaning into it 

Before understanding what Ive created. 

it’s weird but if I don’t know how to be grateful for talent then I must  say I’m really lost trying to find myself stuck in an island with directions of where I’m coming from but stranded with no where to go, still I search, because you are stuck and lost until you’re found by yourself.

Love can come in form of salvation, but who knows I’m still watching searching for a way out, you know society isn’t helpful either, sometimes the mood swings are repulsive towards people I should treat better, I try to change but we all used to the excuse of not being perfect, “yea just another day in this average day life”

    When I get to this bliss I’d be grateful for my peace of mind, picture this in a future tense without the tension of sobriety or whatever works for you.

  Life, a one way ticket of what you make of it till you become matter, or whatever you feel you’d become when you die, we get to choose what we really pick out of life, even when decisions are pressed on us, you struggle to stay alive to die peaceful, I’m sure some bored human in what ever century earth has contained made sure we forget the very Essence of life, it can’t be that deep but whatever. 

“When I breathe I have no option but to be thankful of life from my maker”. 

 Family really struggle to make things happen, sometimes they could be perfect until you grow up and experience life in a different dimension, you just wish you to grow back in reverse when all your life you pray to grow up fast, still I’m thankful and  grateful  for family, at the end, it’s all you really have. 

Hunger kills, sometimes it makes you stronger, some don’t live to tell the tale, better still plant more trees in your life time, experience nature, bloom in happiness, or just go about your daily life, struggles pilling on pay waiting on the next one to handle, relentless if you can eat, you too should be grateful for food. Along with seeing good looking faces, fast cars, etc. and every other vanity you can think of.

If I’m trying to pile up why I’m really grateful I’d deviate from the topic into some form of abstract dimension, rather than bore whoever reads this. If you truly can’t list all the reasons of being grateful stay happy and drink more water.

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