Why I’m Grateful-Ebun Oyedele #WIG #Wigseries

Compliments of the season y’all 

 In 2016 I experienced the good, the bad and the ugly, but in all I have been strengthened and comforted by God and to him alone be all the glory …… 

Starting from January to February, I completed my industrial training then in March I resumed back to school for second semester. Fast forward to the end of the second semester which was awesome.. every bit of it. Then my birthday on July 29, I had a surprise in-house party 🎊 by my sugar parents and darling friends. Straight down to my first semester in final year I resumed school in August and everything went fine, from classes to assignments, to tests, then to the 75th birthday of my father. 

Moving straight to the month of September, precisely on 19th, the month started very peacefully until I got a news from home about the demise of my wisdom bank, my treasure, my gist partner, MY DEARLY BELOVED FATHER on the 19th. I was far from being shocked I teared my eyes up. Every of my anticipated desires seem like it was all crumbling right in front of me, my convocation was in few months, I had lots of plans and activities I included him in, he was a part of every of my dreams

 Then I had to go home, it was still like a dream but (to cut the long story short) in all of these I have been made more than a conqueror, God has sustained my mom, my siblings and I, he gave me unusual strength in the midst of the storm. He sustained me through my first semester exams and also supplied tremendously towards the funeral service, even in the midst of the ongoing recession, he gave me friends that stood close and blessed me with the best siblings ever and now end of the year. I can’t state in detail every single thing but to those who can relate, I am very grateful to God, who comforted me (1 Thess 4:13-15), the one who knows the end from the beginning thereof, the one who never makes mistakes, the one who understands what I am going through(heb 4:15) and the one who brought me through the year 2016…And I hope for a more glorious 2017.

Happy New Year In Advance 🤗

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