Folake’s Natural Hair story

Still in the spirit of loving our natural hair, let me introduce to you my amazing friend turned sister, Folake Folarin, the lady who convinced me to go natural, not just by words but by her hair results. She’s sweet, God fearing, caring, selfless and just absolutely awesome. 

Here’s her story…

People often say Nigerian hair does not grow, and I believed it for a long time. I always wanted long hair, and was particularly interested in having long relaxer-free hair. I did not have the courage to go for the ‘big chop’ because I did not know what would grow out of my head. In 2013, I started reading up and watching YouTube videos about Natural hair care, and I was surprised to see African women with long, full and unrelaxed hair. August of the same year, I went on and confronted the unknown- I cut off all the relaxed strands on my head to start the beautiful journey that would soon change my story. 3 years after, and my hair is the healthiest and longest it has ever been.

It’s time we embrace ourselves completely, fall in love with our God given kinky hair. Weaves are good but who said your hair couldn’t be healthy and awesome.

Folake recently started vlogging, so natural hair ladies and potential natural hair ladies, everyone! Go subscribe to her YouTube channel and like her on facebook at (Folake Onirun). Learn about how to enhance your curls and lots of amazing natural hair stuff. Here’s the link to her YouTube channel : Please confirm it works first

Stay blessed ❤

One Comment Add yours

  1. Folake says:

    Thank you very much darling. I appreciate you a million!!!!!!
    Here is the link to my Curly Hair Routine


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