Be Grateful

Do you have those days where you wake up and your heart is bursting with thanksgiving? Just thinking about how healthy you are or how you are not lacking the basics of life qnd everything seems fine. It is really easy to be grateful when everything just falls in place, but Isn’t God still good when things arent working, He is! 

When you don’t have enough to eat, give thanks because somebody else will give anything to get your portion. You keep complaning about how bad the light situation is, be grateful, someone else sleeping under the bridge would not mind a roof over their head. You keep complaning about how bad the economy is but you still have money to spend, you never get stranded, you have good clothes to wear, you have a family that loves you? Can’t you see? Can’t you see that human needs are very insatiable? Even if you had it all, do you think you would ever be satisfied? 

If you think there’s nothing to be thankful for, why dont you count every breadth you take and bless God for His mercies. People are dying everyday from unknown sicknesses, but here you are, healthy and strong, and you are angry that you don’t have an iphone 7. You better wake up and be thankful for the life God has blessed you with. 

Be ye grateful! 

Have a fab day 😊

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  1. oh…. the joy! Grateful Heart

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  2. TheFallibleQueen says:

    Let them know girl 🙂

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