boss momAs a young girl I admired my mother for a lot of things, but majorly for deciding to do nothing but take care of us. I appreciated the fact that nothing was as important to her as her five lovely kids. To me, that was truly a priceless gift to give. Unlike me, my mom was a full house wife. Meaning she did nothing at all, which was the most detrimental part of the beautiful decision she took, funny how I didn’t understand this till I was well advanced in age.

A stay home mom is a woman who decides to be her own boss in order to have control over her time, for the sole purpose of raising her kids as desired, while a full house wife is a woman who does nothing except take care of her home and kids. Being a full house wife is mostly instigated by the man in the relationship, sometimes the wife gets paid and in some situations she doesn’t.

My decision to be a stay home mom was as a result of 

  • The generational challenge with 21st century kids (the abuse, neglect and extreme exposure to internet)
  • The success my mom had with raising us, I would like to say she did a great job
  • Mychildhood experiences,educational background and the picture of the life I will like to live. I will explain this further as we go on with this series.

However, as much as being a stay home mom might be your decision as a wife or a mother. The success or ease of it is largely dependent on the support you get from your spouse or partner. This is a decision that will most likely change formation and structure as you have more kids and also as they grow. In the next article, I will be talk about things needed to be put into consideration when planning on being a stay home mom.

 – Ebun ❤

 Hello Ladies,

My name is Ebun and I am a stay home mom, I decided to start this series  “Diary of a Boss mom,” because I know how helpful having someone to talk to or how reading someone’s story could go a long way. Talk about combining being an amazing mother, a great wife, friend and entrepreneur huh? This is my very first post, subsequently there will be more amazing posts. I hope this will make a difference to you all as much as it will to me because I will be learning also from your comments and feedback. God bless.

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