Dear Wives & Wives-in-waiting (WWIW) – Attending Church


Be his wife, not his pastor. Let your actions and way of life, preach to him because my darling ladies, you cannot win a man over with mere words but by your countenance (1 Peter 3:1-2). I know you attend church services every Sunday / mid-week service and he only comes 12 times a year; be patient, maybe the Lord is still working on him & he will eventually give his life to Christ, maybe you can buy the CD / DVD of the sermon and he’ll gradually attend. Now ladies, before you say I am on the men’s side, I want you all to pause for a minute and reason with me. Firstly, I am on no one’s side, I am simply sharing my “2 cents”. Furthermore ladies, remember, as their WWIW; you can make things happen *wink*, but not with rash words but by your loving, humble, wisdom-filled and submissive actions. So ladies, instead of looking down on your man or shouting at him because he is not as “spiritual as you want”, let us act like Pastor Smith Wigglesworth’s wife and let our actions make our men give their lives to Christ with our virtuous behaviour. Let us encourage them but please don’t make him feel like he is a sinner because he doesn’t speak in tongues, or because he doesn’t pray for 1 hour or because he doesn’t attend church as often as you do; you might just be in his life to make him a better Christian.

Most importantly pray that your Husband / Husband-in-waiting (HHIW), has a relationship with God. Don’t preach your Pastor’s messages at your man like a know-it-all. Blessed WWIW & HHIW, let our behaviour show our spouse / spouse to be, that the teachings from church have impacted our lives positively. Rise up early and pray for your household, don’t disrespect your man/woman, their staff or family members (even if they are annoying or not nice to you); just be mature, wise & prayerful…God will perfect the situation. And ladies, please don’t pray against your man; shouting around the house: “Anyone who doesn’t attend church in this house; Father Lord convict them, Father Lord change them, change them, change them…). THAT IS WRONG!!! Ladies, don’t make your man dislike church, because of your style of prayer, or because he hears you curse when you are angry or driving, despite the fact that you are the lead worship minister, evangelist and deaconess…

Let everything we do draw men unto Christ. Remember, no one is perfect but we can try to be a good example. It is better to show people how to become better Christians, than to condemn them or force them to attend church, because they can still attend, and their eyes will roam about, their minds may be on Instagram or somewhere else. Furthermore, sitting in church for 2 hours or more, doesn’t make a person a Christian: it is what you do 24/7 that counts. To conclude, I pray for more Grace, Patience & Wisdom for the Ladies, kudos to you for being Godly WWIW in the 21st century. We are all learning daily and I pray that God will help us and meet us at the point of our needs, and may our HHIW be blessed and highly favoured because we are in their lives. The Lord is our strength, in Jesus name, amen.

*P.S:* Our darling Men, this is not a license to sit at home on Sundays, it is an awesome thing to worship the Lord as a family and also listen to the same message in the house of the Lord. (Let the reader understand what the writer is saying) Thank you.


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  1. Feeyi O says:

    Wow! I am so honoured and humbled; to God be the glory. Thank you so much my darling sis, Fisayo Adeyemi. May God increase you, honour you and surprise you beyond your wildest imaginations, in Jesus name, amen.

    More Grace

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    1. Amen , its an honour to have you on our blog ❤


  2. Freks says:

    Wow! Awesome post. Kudos Fisayo and the guest writer, more Grace!

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  3. 🌹V.O.L says:

    This was very insightful. Thank you for such knowledgable words. It’s genuinely helped to see things from a different perspective 😊❤️

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