In life, I have realized that the only way an individual could get very far is to run the race set before him/her with grace, so as to attain that raise we so desire in our lives. The two key ingredients you need in running your race with grace is focus and consistency. They both go a really long way! Its easy to want so many things at a time because of our ever growing wants and desires as humans, but it is advisable to focus on one thing at a time so as to achieve maximum results. As the saying goes, ”Its better to be the best at one field than being middle class or even bottom drop in too many interests.” I always heard my mum sing to me every single time, ”focus on your studies and you’d do valiantly well.” but I never truly understood what that meant until I was in the higher institution when God opened my eyes to a lot of things, and I began to focus. 

Looking back right now to those primary and secondary school days, I used to think I wasn’t focused but then I realized in actuality that I was indeed a very focused young girl (the only problem was I was focused on the wrong things). For example I love to talk and words came easily for me, and since I was in a boarding school where we didn’t use phones or had any televison, I got myself engaged in watching a lot of movies so I could talk about them in school. I did attract quite a number of crowd with my gist😀, but then I wasn’t using my gift wisely and I wasn’t gaining anything from it, which leads me to my first success nail;

1. Never use your talents and gifts foolishly:

Most of the time I’ve sat down to wonder why some people can sit around a whole day gossiping, I used to think oh God these people are very wicked but from listening to one of my favorite female preachers, I discovered that some of them are equipped with the gift of speaking and encouraging others, but in their worship of worldly desires and absence of Gods presence, they’ve successfully channeled the power that God has placed in their hands to create wealth to slandering others. Let’s us all try as much as possible not be like the slothful servant in the parable of the talents (matthew 25:14-30), and learn to use our talents to fulfill Gods highest purpose for our lives.

2. Focus on achieving a goal:

Your success is measured by the goals you’ve set out for yourself, your goals are a benchmark for comparing actual with budgeted results. Focus on being the best in a chosen sector and don’t pursue everything, besides not everything is for your doing (Mr. Jack of all trades😂). The first thing you need to do is devise the ultimate goal and then commit to bringing it to limelight. NOTE; make sure your goals are not things you could easily achieve, but things that require a lot of patience and perseverance. This will train you not  trust on your own strength but on the Lords.

3. Think Positively:

If there’s anything I know has worked for me, is the way I’ve positioned my thought life. If your thought is in your control, you’re more likely to have better control over your life and life’s activities. You know why God emphasizes on guarding your heart, its because He knows that its a path way to your thoughts. If your heart is affected, it will most likely affect the state of your thoughts. That’s why I had requested that we try to focus on achieving a particular major goal so that it successfully fills our every thought. Don’t divide your heart into too many interests. The key here is see yourself attaining a particular thing so you will cease it in the physical. It worked for me and I’m definite it would work for you.

4. Seeking Gods face:

The last most important success nail is seeking God fervently, consistently and boldly at every stage of our life’s decision. He is the only one who can reveal what you should do. Most of us are always confused about that part; that is, knowing what God wants just like how powerful men of God do. But its important to not get carried away by that and start worrying, instead divert your worry to another degree of thought that enables you to trust that God would redirect your steps back to his purpose if he sees you’re missing it.

NEVER FORGET THIS: God is never without a plan (NO!!!! He doesn’t run out of what to do) even when you believe you’ve failed.

Finally, having faith in God is the ultimate key to attaining and sustaining success. He is ever ready to help, but don’t use that as a means to justify a slothful attitude because its written that he would bless the work of your hands not your legs or your nose lol. You need to work hard and pray alongside. Be diligent and committed and God would see you through. Remain Blessed😅😅

Sylvia Nwachukwu is an aspiring Consultant and script writer, she is also the overall best graduating female student of the 2016 graduating class of Landmark University , she’s currently serving in Rivers state Portharcourt. she’s a fervent lover of God whom many young one’s look up to as a role model. 

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  1. Your boo boo says:

    Awwww thanks baby… Loving you boo boo

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  2. g42doyouknow says:

    Great and rightly spoken..

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      Thanks dear

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  3. Love Arinze says:

    Totally inspired.. Nice one dear

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      You’re welcome my dear

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