Posting Details of Your Relationship on Social Media (WWIW) 

Just because you have made little progress, doesn’t mean you need to announce it to the whole world. Ladies, I know we get excited sometimes but please let’s us keep luscious details of our relationships off the social media. Yes, I know you have a man now but must all your social media apps know everything you are doing with Bae? or must we get notifications about everywhere you are going with Bae? NO! The day you break up; social media will also know, so please, I advise that you keep your relationship business- Private. In fact, some of the ladies that post things like: “Bae is amazing”, “Bae is Bae”, “Bae bought me a Gucci bag”, “Bae & I enroute Paris”…some of them are in a relationship with themselves and some of them are being beaten up black & blue, so please stop comparing yourself to these social media pretenders. I have seen this in real life and I cried for the lady when I heard, so I know what I am saying. However, some ladies are genuinely very happy, yet they don’t flood your timelines with their “Bae gists”, just because it is not being posted, doesn’t mean it is not happening.

So ladies, please stop changing your DP with pictures of you and “Bae” every time, I am not saying you shouldn’t show off your relationship if that’s what makes you happy but if you are not yet married to him, tone in down a bit please. Even the Bible says a beautiful woman without discretion, is like a diamond ring in a pig’s snout (Proverbs 11:22). And if you are married to him; it’s okay to lavish honour and accolades on your spouse on the social media or to your friends but do it more in reality. Overall, my darling Wives & Wives-in-waiting, be discreet, keep the details of your relationship private as much as you can. Times have changed, social media is now people’s best friends & town-crier spot. Just because you see the ‘likes’, doesn’t mean some people are not mocking you, so don’t dwell on it. By all means, ignore your haters but keep “Bae” private until he makes you his wife and when you are his wife, be discreet with what you post online about your relationship. Anyway, let me stop here for now, I hope you all get the point. This is just my opinion and I am aware that it is not for everyone. A word is enough for the wise, may God help us all.

Thank you for your time, I love you all. 


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  1. Joan Akob says:

    The beginning already got me. “Just because you’ve made a little progress”😂. Wehhh. I have to agree though. I always take most “bae” pictures I see with a grain of salt and cup of water. No one knows what’s going on behind the camera. People do it for validation, while others just don’t know better. These days it’s best to be discrete, even more I think once you’re married. Thanks for Sharing❤.

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    1. Haha! You know. Thanks for reading Joan ❤❤

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  2. TheMisfit says:

    This is something that goes through my mind when checking my instagram explore. “Bae” might even start to think the relationship is for attention of the public,bae might start to feel uncomfortable about that too. Too much of everything is bad,it must be balanced. Taking pictures with him is cool but not turning it to a routine for showoff and so pages will repost too. Thanks for understanding and sharing.

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    1. You are right!!! Thanks for your comment 😇😇

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  3. Lmao so I once got to stay with an Instagram “inspirational” couple and tbh I learned that just because people post deep love stuff doesn’t mean they are genuinely in love neither does not posting indicate an absence of love. But as you said discretion is key.

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