Dear Daddy – Idah

07:44 AM

Sometimes we wish we chose our parents. More especially our father’s, maybe due to some gruesome experiences we had while growing up. I thought I had the worst experience until I heard testimonies from others. Then learned to be grateful for the little I got  because some only wished  they had someone they called father,Even if he were the worst man on earth. 

Lately I met my real Dad and it kept me wondering why it took me this long to discover He was always there. You know that moment when you were famished after a long day, waiting to be served dinner, only to discover your meal was served long ago.

So I’m catching up lost times. This feels awkward but trust me its the most pleasurable experience I’ve had in my entire life. This is so because I’ve discovered that everything I learned from my old dad were lies. I remember him saying to me
“You’ll be nothing more than I ever was( a failure).” Or how he said if must make it, then I had to follow compromising systems laid out for me.

You know what this did to me? Well,that’s a story for another day because  all that changed when I met this new Dad. His words, sweeter than the finest wine, healing for a wounded soul. He said to me “son, I made it! All for you to be more than you ever dreamed. You are more Than a conqueror (success).”

You see those soothing words? My world! Couldn’t have heard any better. They were  just so perfect,
Knowing who He is transformed my life completely. How He loves is commensurate to nothing. It’s more than the feeling you get when you discover a hidden treasure. 

He’s been more than enough for me. So with all pleasure and honor, I’d like you to meet my FATHER. I call him 

F- friend 






He is Popularly known as Baba God!

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  1. Joan Akob says:

    Aw 💓. This! What a joy to continuously know our father who loves unconditionally. Baba God 🙌

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  2. Fredrick O. Stanley says:

    This is simply beautiful, my young sister. I pray, in Jesus’ name, that your discoveries of your REAL Father are new everyday and that you receive constant nourishment to feed the relationship you have with Him through His WORD, which is Jesus 😃

    Are you Nigerian? Igbo? Just curious.

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    1. Thank you, this was actually a guest post for a series on the blog. And amen to the prayer. I’m Nigerian but not igbo 😊

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      1. Fredrick O. Stanley says:

        I saw your name and thought to myself “Nigerian.” Now I have a taste for pepper soup and later some pounded yam with vegetable and fish😍😂

        Your blog is very good and God-centered. By His grace, I shall read more of what He has given you. Bless you, my beautiful sister in Christ!

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      2. Haha you gotta love Nigerian food! Thanks for your kind words. God bless you 😇


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