Where do I even start from?

I had the most mind blowing weekend! MY GOD. Do I start from the preparation of this program to the takeoff at the airport or the three day congress itself at Abuja?

This program was different from anything I’ve ever been a part of all my life. Days before all workers of Common Wealth of Zion Assembly ( COZA, Portharcourt ) gathered at the airport, I could literally feel the excitement in  the air.  It wasn’t one of those experiences you get so hyped about and then when you finally get the middle of it, you less excited. This was not the case because the excitement grew bigger and I’m absolutely grateful to God for allowing me be a part of this great vision.

The View


When we got to Abuja, we went straight into the program. The atmosphere was set, very cozy and we were ready for a takeoff. We were given an orientation, we were reminded of the ground rules, our physical and spiritual portrait as COZA workers, what our mindset should be, our vision and mission, and so on. The first message was by Pastor Korede Komaiya, also known as pastor KK. This was a life transforming message.  I’m a worker in church yes, I have made up my mind to serve better. Am I being effective like I should? Have I completely aligned to the authority of my head of departments and my pastors? Even to my bosses at work, am I truly under authority? In pastor KK’s words ‘’Only those under Authority will be given authority.’’ He said so many profound things of course with bible texts as references. This message opened my eyes to things  I struggled with when it comes to being under authority, and as a result there are changes I have made up my mind to make. The first day was just beautiful; I was able to meet my amazing friends who I left back in Abuja, Faith, Ope, Blessing and the beautiful Thara who I just met.

We retired to Chida hotel at Utako for the night, we went in the shuttle that was provided to take us to and fro, my eyes couldn’t’ believe how beautiful our hotel was, so cozy and comfortable. With the number of workers from the Ilorin, Lagos, Dubai and Porthacourt campuses, it wasn’t less than standard. I’m really thankful to my senior pastors, Reverend B and Pastor Mo for their love! I mean, my awesome roommates ( Sarah and Esther) and I could not  stop talking about  how blessed we are to hear what we hear, we talked about the first night of the congress, how profound the message preached was, of course how awesome AWEZZZOME COZA  is, and how blessed we are to be planted in this great house.


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The next day which was Sunday was beautiful too, waking up to a cozy room, no pressure in dressing up or delays. The shuttle was ready to take us to church, and by some minutes past 7, we were already at church. Guess who preached again? Pastor KK! He preached on ‘’the conquest of Lack.’’ Excerpt from my notes ; To conquer Lack, you must: Eliminate all thoughts of lack, Eliminate all fear of lack and Get into giving.’’ This message also opened my eyes to a lot of things that I need to do where my giving life is concerned. Everything about service was lit! Did I forget to talk about The Gratitude? They’re my favorite Nigerian music group right now. I mean, these people are anointed. The message, the sound, their voices, their carriage and style! Everything is always on point like a decimal. If you haven’t heard of these guys, you may want to check them out on YouTube, don’t be left out on this awesomeness.

After service, I had the best surprise waiting for me! My mom was outside. She attended service for the first time at COZA. My siblings too were around, haven’t seen any of them since January. What a beautiful reunion! My heart was bursting with Joy when I saw them. The prayers and praise during the evening session was powerful. Thank you Mummy Dee for giving me a sneak peek into what your prayer life is like. This has actually pushed me to change a lot of things about my prayer life. No more laziness or tiredness.  It was indeed a beautiful day!

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On the last day, we had the morning session; series of Topics ranging from, pride, serving God with your finance was talked about by our executive pastors, Pastor Wole Soetan and Pastor Folarin Ogunsola . Everything spoke to me, and made me see changes I needed to make where my finances and character is concerned. My life can never remain the same after all these investments, never!  The afternoon session was something else, the senior pastor of COZA , Biodun Fatoyinbo taught the word. It was yet another life transforming word. The message revolved around prayer, I was reminded how that prayer is everything, and as a child of God, I will see more manifestation of God if only I prayed more.  He also reemphasized how we do not fight against flesh and blood and all our fights cannot be done from the physical. This just reconfirmed the fact that I need to improve on my prayer life. I need to be more intentional about my prayer life, no more tiredness or laziness. Every word he spoke where very clear and precise, things that only the spirit of God could have revealed to Him. He also led a prayer session which was fire and spoke blessings over us. I’m never recovering from this! Did I forget to mention the powerful praise session? only two words can describe this ‘’MY GOD!.’’

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Finally, we had the Dinner! The hall was beautifully transformed before we returned in the evening. Sparkling in beauty, world class stuff. We enjoyed music from The Gratitude, and music from Avalanche from our various Campuses In Nigeria (Lagos, Portharcourt, Ilorin), There was comedy, small chops, and of course plenty food lol. Music by Dj Ernesty already got me in the mood. I was already dancing from where I was sitting when Pastor Biodun challenged us to dance, I even went to the front to dance. Two of the best dancers got the latest Iphone 7. I  didn’t get lol *inserts real tears* I was so ecstatic that night, like I was on another level of high. Who says you need cheap drugs to be high? And who again said you couldn’t have fun in God’s presence? There was a chair battle where different campuses had representatives. It was just too exciting! We were like children again in His presence.  After the final blessings by our pastor, we had the after party, there was no forming, no division, and everyone was just in sync. It was off the hook.  A number of us climbed the stage and different people came out to lead us in a dance and we all followed in the same steps. Crazy dance steps, and the beautiful thing about this is that I wasn’t ashamed or tired! we partied till dawn. Literally speaking writing!

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you can never go wrong with black


Another beautiful thing about this congress was that no stone was left untouched. Everything from my physical to spiritual wellbeing was covered. Nothing was left out. Now by the grace of God, I’m more  committed to the vision of my Church which is to raise a takeover generation in all spheres of life, and to make disciples of all nations, reaching  the unchurched and re-establishing Gods kingdom on earth. I want to be more effective as a worker, to truly have the mind of a farmer, a soldier and an athlete. I want to be more committed to Gods work here on earth; I don’t want any of this investment by my pastors to be a waste. I don’t want any of these to just be ‘’experiences” but I want them to be memories I can always look back to and thank God for making all His promises real because everything about my life would be proverbs 4:18.

Now I understand better the heart of God concerning me through the amazing prophets he has put over my life. How do I begin to thank my Senior Pastors and executive pastors? Thank you for all your investments in my life especially during these past few days! Thank you for your love and care, for never leaving us without a word, for your countless sacrifices, I do not take any of these for granted. Thank you so much sir and Ma. I love you both forever! I will make you proud by Gods infinite grace. Thank You ❤


Finally To my Father, God Almighty who made all these possible, Thank you for the COZA vision. Thank you for being God. May your name be praised forever!

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  1. It sounds like you had loads of fun!!.
    Great post.

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    1. Yes I did ! Thank you ❤


  2. Chuks says:

    My Godtttt. Beautiful capture. You had me reliving the whole experience. The sky is just your starting point dear! Kudos!

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  3. Opy says:

    #MyGOD! (In the Avalanche’s Voice) 😂😂

    See what I missed Biko… 😢
    But am glad you had this taste and baptism of this Awezzomness… 😂

    Glory to God!

    I try to stay connected every day where I am and on Sundays too, thank God for messages… 😀

    This is amazing… 😀
    Thanks for sharing sis. 😘

    PS: Low key, I kinda wish I was in the family picture. 🙈😜😂😁😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww I wished highkey. Thanks Sis 💕💕


  4. Iyanu says:

    Nicee one there babes 😘😘

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  5. Your boo boo says:

    Plixxx come send me my pictures biko… You dey stress me😂😂

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    1. Lol where are you typing from


  6. Sarah M! says:

    I personally didn’t wanna come back……it was a life transforming experience. You certainly didn’t leave any stone unturned baby girl….Keep blogging!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks darling!! Didn’t want to come back too 😭


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