Lessons From The Book: Rebirth

Hello guys, Happy November, apologies for the inconsistency last month. October was such a stressful month, I had so much on my plate, mostly from relocating back to Abuja. Yup, I’m back in my family house. Well that’s a story for another day. I read the book rebirth a few weeks ago ( yes this…


Hey everyone, I have been away for just two weeks and it feels more like two years 😞 . I’m currently preparing for an exam so I’m not going to be as active as I used to be until after my exams. Yet again I have been nominated for another award. I’m excited about this…

The Cramm Blog Award!

Yay! I got nominated for the Cramm Blog Award. Thank you Ashley for always inspiring me on your blog. Thank You! Y’all should to check out her blog here The Cramm Award was created by Liv, the owner of theCramm, an awesome blog, visit it here to see the rest for yourself, you’ll not regret it….


I’m excited about this! This really means a lot to me!  Looking forward to more amazing followers. Thank you 💛

Diary of a Boss Mom – Balancing Family and Work

When planning to be a stay home mom, that is Being your own boss. Consider very strongly this internal factors which are even more stronger than the external ones I will mention in the next paragraph What is our financial strength? This is very key because building a happy family is the responsibility of you…